A Conversation with an Academic Freelance Essay Writer

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Would you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Vincent and I am 28 years of age. I recently graduated from the post-graduate program in philosophy at the Canadian 'red-brick' university in Toronto, specializing in ethics. My current aim is to defend my thesis on the moral issues of collective responsibility.

What is the scope of your interests other than philosophy? And were you employed outside the university?

Freelance Writer

I was involved in the construction industry in the capacity of Director of research at the Canadian UMB called Union of Manufacturers of Building Materials which represent the interests of producers. I also lead a number of different projects with a publishing company. Basically, when I started these jobs, I knew very little about the related markets but have always been open to new experiences, opportunities, and people. This enables me to learn fast and grow professionally. Subsequently, I have established a firm interest in all the humanities, especially history and psychology. The attitude I had when I first entered the university as a student was that 95% of education is self-education. I have several publications on the topic of my research. I participated in numerous conferences and round-table events. I also taught Business Ethics over an academic year at our university.

The philosophy and construction. This sounds non-conventional even for our post-modern times. What kind of activities were you in the construction business?

I had to manage teams working on specific projects. For instance, when I was heading the building materials consumer guide project, I had to develop the concept of the future book with my team at the Union. I had to further establish cooperation with the scientists and researchers from leading Canadian universities, research institutes, other Unions, and technical experts from construction enterprises (members of our Union). Some of these people were brilliant professionals but had staunch differences and many issues between them, so this proved to be a demanding, and challenging experience. Our goal was to deliver a competitive high-quality product, and I had to constantly manage this cooperation, motivating people to work as a team. I had to make contacts with the owners and/or heads of marketing departments of the construction companies to reach agreements concerning things such as an advertising budget. The media was also involved. Finally, we had to contact bookselling networks to ensure that we have the means to sell the book.

Your English is quite advanced for a non-native speaker. How did you manage to accomplish that?

I had a great opportunity to learn when I was a work and travel exchange student in the United States during the summers of 2011 and 2012. I made a lot of friends there and some relationships that have been continuing to cultivate since but never growing apart due to our shared interest in the arts, meaning the arts specifically as well as the art of words and the art of the mind.

What makes you an excellent research writer?

Well, I discovered academic writing as a specific niche just six months ago. It was as new to me as construction. But I had caught up quickly and became proficient with the different formatting styles including MLA, APA, and Harvard. It mostly required paying close attention to details and peculiarity of customers' requirements, and I had no problem with that. Also, even at school my classmates used to ask me to help them out with their homework or even class tests. I refused rarely. It just did not seem difficult. When we were grown, some of my friends still asked me to help preparing their essays or term papers, even that all of them were enrolled as lawyers or economists. It usually took me about a glance at the topic and literature to write a couple of decent pages of original explanatory text. As I started out as academic writer, I found out that most of the orders required using recent or classic sources. It meant that I could get acquainted with the newest data not to mention that some of the topics I wrote papers on were beyond my understanding that such phenomena even existed. I have never submitted a plagiarized paper in my life, so I had to really study the issues. I have delivered quite sophisticated orders on healthcare and nursing practices, accounting, marketing, and management. Usually I got around 9-10 out of 10 according to customer feedback.

As I developed my academic writing skills, I started to look for better companies to work for. I know I can deliver high-quality papers, while many companies are satisfied with average writings, not seeking to meet the best interests of the customer, merely do the minimum to avoid refunds. I made suggestions to improve this performance but surprisingly to no avail as the support service was poor and non-interested. Also, the companies would treat me as an English second-language writer simply for the fact that I was not born in an English speaking countries. To sum up, these are the issues I am expecting to resolve by applying to The Great Research Academy. In exchange, I intend to use my knowledge and experience to meet and exceed the standards of one of the first companies in the field of academic writing.

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