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About Me


I am a young professional with an interesting background, a diverse range of skills and competencies. From a young age, I developed a personality that was regarded 'unusual'. Visitors would comment that I was unlike other kids due to my 'few words' and discipline. They were confident that I would change once I grew up. I have remained the same. My friends commend me for my honesty, hard work and pursuit of excellence. These have become my signature character traits.

Interests and Academic Background

After learning how to read, I became an avid reader of the Bible and old newspapers that my teachers brought from town. My love for reading continued in high school. There, I read a variety of works including Shakespeare, Sidney Sheldon, Edgar Allan Poe and others. I still find reading rewarding, exciting and entertaining.

Radio fascinated me. I bought several in the course of three years. I loved listening to the BBC and music from local channels.

The good grades I obtained in high school are attributable to my extensive reading, which I often did just for the love of it. I read several books, not just the ones recommended by the teacher. I would read any book provided I found the subject interesting. I guess I was the only one in my class who looked at a psychology textbook. I read Greek myths, American folklore and short stories. Besides expanding my vocabulary, reading increased my knowledge and global awareness. Through my personal studies, I have gained a worldview and knowledge of the history of many nations. I believe by reading widely, one's understanding of a subject becomes comprehensive such that any question, however formulated, becomes easy to answer.

In high school, I was good in all subjects. I scored 100 per cent a few times in Mathematics. Having done three sciences - biology, chemistry and physics - many hoped I would pursue a science degree. I liked business. It must have been the newspapers and BBC, which reported mainly business stories, which influenced my choice. Science and technology degrees were equally alluring. I was torn. My elder brother advised me to study commerce, which I did. Later, I wished I had enrolled for computer science, an alternative I was hardly aware of initially. However, my commerce degree offered the option of majoring in Information Systems. I took it without hesitation. It turned out the perfect degree because it combined my two favourite subjects - business and computer science.

While studying commerce, I gained knowledge and skills in various areas of business. My training equipped me with knowledge in accounting, computing and research. I obtained my research experience while carrying out research on m-commerce. As a group of four, we compiled a report based on data we collected using questionnaires and performed quantitative data analysis using SPSS. Prior to doing the data analysis, no one in the group knew how to use SPSS. We considered outsourcing the data analysis part of the project. My lack of money to pay for my share of the cost inspired me to study the program. Within a month, I had mastered it. Eventually, I guided the rest in accomplishing the task. My college experiences and studies enabled me to try out several technologies and study several subjects. This makes me capable of taking up various roles in any organization. My preferred job, however, is systems analyst. The tough economic situation and high unemployment in the country have frustrated my efforts to get placement so far. This situation has prompted me to pursue writing as a way of keeping my knowledge up-to-date and put to practice that which I have acquired.

Why I Am an Excellent Research Writer

My personal beliefs and training make me a great research writer. I am a curious, inquisitive person. Sometimes, I get into trouble on social media, especially when I 'ask too much' from the person I am chatting with. However, this 'character flaw' is a requirement of a researcher. As a research writer, my inquisitiveness will enable me to capture and elucidate as many points as possible regarding a certain topic or when evaluating another piece of writing.

Being an honest, trustworthy and industrious professional, I strive to do the best for my clients by conducting thorough research, following acceptable criteria for acknowledging the use of other researchers' work to avoid plagiarism. The result is a well-researched and written work that clients will be proud of and inspires confidence.

Tips for Writing College Term Papers

College term paper writing is a very crucial step in one academic journey. One may not need to be majoring in languages, well known faculty to be related with writing, but it is for general development in ones academic life. All, students in universities regardless of their faculties find it inevitable to complete their courses without having written a number of term papers. Sometimes it's given as an assignment or project where students need to seat down, come up with an idea regarding the term paper and crystallize the developed ideology in writing.

When it comes to academic term paper writing, there are some chronological steps that must be followed to the letter. Failure to observe them, may lead to confusion and distortion of the paper. Below are some important tips to write a college term paper:

i) Preparation: The researcher should ensure that he or she gets prepared materialistically and psychologically; creating sufficient time for the term paper writing. At this one may have to go through the instructions given, collecting reference material and familiarizing himself or herself with all techniques of writing the particular term paper.

ii) Thesis Statement: The writer has to come up with argument or question that will seek to be answered in the term paper. The thesis statement has to be chosen carefully not to bring complexities at the advanced levels of writing. Sometimes, college students may have to involve their relevant lecturers in developing thesis question. Thesis statement gives order or acts as a skeleton to the intended writing. That is why failure to construct an effective thesis statement may distort the entire writing.

iii) Introduction: At this point, an expansion of the developed thesis is done. It involves vivid explanation of the highlighted points in the thesis. Each point is given and expanded in its own paragraph in order to maintain perfect format ad order in writing. When explaining out point, one should avoid using opinionated terms such, "in my view," "I think" If in any way a student will do his, then it will show that he or she lacks certainty with the writing. All points alighted in the thesis should be explained exhaustively least which the writing will appear incomplete. After explaining all points, the writer has to put conclusion that will generalize or blanket the entire term paper. Conclusion pot rays the student's opinion or view regarding the topic that was dealt with.

iv) Bibliography and Reference: The student must use the citation styles that he or she is conversant with unless the lecture state otherwise. Sometimes writes may have to make consultation from their relevant lectures on the recommended citation style regarding the work at hand.

v) Key Terms: After finalizing, the student has to go through the work again and identify the key terms, quotes and citation and ensure that they are correctly applied in the writing.

vi) Proof-Reading: After finishing writing, the student must go through the work vividly to identify and rectify the mistakes which may include; wrong spelling, wrong grammatical structures, and punctuation e.t.c. It is always advisable to involve the second person when proofreading the work e.g. a friend. By doing so, the second person will charge the work which may even eventually leads to discussion on the written paper term. Through discussion and correction by the two parties, the quality and credibility of the work will improve. If the writer himself or herself will choose to proofread the work alone, then he or she may end up repeating the same mistakes.

Tips for Writing Difficult Academic Research Papers

This paper discusses several tips towards writing a difficult academic paper.


In the field of academic writing, Plagiarism is a crime! It entails copying word for word details from a website onto the assignment. No client would waste his time and money on plagiarized work. No perfect writer would present such a work and claim to be an academic writer. Luckily today, softwares have been developed to detect plagiarism making it hard for bogus writers to thrive and ultimately giving the writing industry a competitive edge and an assurance to clients. For success, one need to research deeply, understand the concept and put it down – without altering the meaning – the findings. In my opinion, paraphrasing is the remedy to plagiarism!


An academic paper comes with a submission period. It would be painfully for the client to have his paper delivered late as he/she risks losing out the total points for the paper, cancellation or fines in form of subtraction of points. While the above entails the inconvenience to a client, a writer also risks loss of an account contract, fines on payment or suspension. Therefore, a writer should at all times ensure that deadline is kept.

Poor Grammar

While one may position himself as a good writer, grammar may be a major letdown. Poor grammar for example grammatical mistakes, verb tense errors, double negatives and run –on sentences will definitely put one in trouble. The concept should flow in a manner that is understandable to the reader. To avoid this, a writer should proofread and or edit his/her own work before submission.

Understand the Instructions

The more difficult the paper is the more understanding and research it requires. If the client is not satisfied with the paper, issues like revisions, disputes or paper rejections will likely emerge. Remember that academic papers have deadline; therefore the issues stated above will on a larger scale affect submission time. At all times, the writer should get it right. It is always wise to consult and verify facts right especially if the assignment is difficult before one proceeds to undertaking the given task. Lack of understanding can also mean that the paper will be of low quality and as a writer, it is vital to present the best work at all times.

Citation guidelines should be followed to the letter. A writer should be familiar with various citations styles, e.g. MLA and APA which are common as well as in-text citation, reference pages or works cited. Notably, an academic paper comes with these guidelines; therefore choosing to ignore or lack of proper citation guidelines forms ground for failure.

Failure to meet reference guidelines, e.g. one provides three references instead of the required four is also a sign of lack of understanding of the instructions. The number of pages/words as required should be followed.

Poor Communication

Means of communication are vast in this technological world. Emails, SMS, Phone call, on site live chats are recommended. Poor communication will mean that instructions are not followed in time; files are not delivered in time between the parties involved. Frustrations from the clients will surely emerge resulting to strain relations between the parties involved. Misunderstandings should not be allowed to flourish in academic writing. At all times, the writer should attend to complaints from admin or from clients and solve them amicably.

Lack of Conclusion

An academic paper should have a head, body and conclusion all related to the same concept. On most occasions, some writers concentrate their efforts on the body and fail to end the paper with a summary or end it abruptly. A good academic paper should have a well defining conclusion.

Keeping all these tips in mind, a writer will go far in academic writing, no doubt!

Should Students Have to Pass a Basic Skills Test to Graduate High School?


Most students must be made to pass a basic skills test to graduate from high school. These basic skills include writing, grammar, business communication, presentation, and teamwork skills. These are those basic skills that are required of all students. No matter the field of study that they choose, these basic skills are required in all the fields. Hence, if a student wants to study business or not he or she will have to learn these basic skills. Then, even a student of political science will need the skills in presentation, teamwork, and others. Accordingly, the high schools around the United States and United Kingdom must mandate the students to pass these basic skills tests in order to graduate from the high school.

The Need for Basic Skills

It is no doubt that basic skills like communication, presentation, and others are required by the students in their college and university years. No matter the majors of the student, he or she will be required to act in teams and communicate effectively. Accordingly, the students should have these basic skills in order to succeed in college. Even if they do not join college and straight go to work, they will need these basic skills. Hence, these skills are a definite requirement of passing from the high school.


Accordingly, as the basic skills are required by high school graduates in all walks of life they should be made to pass a test for the same. These basic skills range from communication to teamwork skills. Then, the colleges should make it compulsory for all to pass these tests so that their graduates are able to meet these essential requirements in college and work.

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